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Olive Oils

Olive tree photo.

Olive Growth, Color and Harvesting

There are hundreds of olive oils that are harvested from all over the world. Olive trees grow best in full sunlight and in coastal soils. Olive trees have protective cuticles to help prevent moisture loss to help the trees thrive in  a dry environment. The growth process begins late fall to early spring, daytime temperatures  should be 70 ° F, nighttime temperatures averaging 35 ° F - 50 ° F for olive trees to bloom. Olives are inedible from the tree. Yes, they are a fruit. Ripe olives vary in color from dark violet to dark brown, rarely to true black. Harvesting begins early fall through late winter.   

Olive oil packaging bottle photo.

What You Need To Know About ARMANNO® Olive Oils

Our olive oils are not cold pressed. Cold pressed takes away the key component of quality. Our global manufacturers use a modern technique adding an advantage of limiting the oils exposure to oxygen by separating the oil, water and solids through a centrifugal machine. Heat and exposure to oxygen will degrade the quality of the olive oil. Olive oil is fragile to, light, heat and oxygen. These key components can chip away the freshness of the oil, this is why our olive oils are sold in opaque bottles not glass or plastic bottles. Our olive oils are sealed with a bar top natural cork lid. Our extra virgin olive oils have a shelf life of 18-24 months if unused, An open bottle should be used within a month or two. 

A good quality olive oil has a distinctive spicy burn that lets you know the polyphenols are still alive and well.  When tasting an oil, one cough is good, two coughs is very good, three coughs is excellent.  A high grade extra virgin olive oil should taste like fruit and fresh herbs, leaving your mouth feeling clean not greasy. All of these components are what our global manufactures have done by producing a premium, quality product for CS STONE BRANDS®

Bottle of ARMANNO® Sundried Tomato, Parmesan & Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

ARMANNO® Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegar's

ARMANNO® Olive Oils are a product of CS STONE BRANDS® a food distributor of North Carolina. The name ARMANNO® stands for warrior of strength chosen by the founder. There are one hundred and ten flavors that are exceptional in flavor. Each flavor of olive oil and balsamic vinegar has a unique flavor for every dish. Our flavors of ARMANNO® are wonderful with beef, chicken, veal, fish, salads, pasta's, cheeses, dipping sauce with all breads, desserts and much more.