It's important for our customers to know about CS STONE BRANDS® in what we do as a business. We are a food distribution, personal chef product company. 

Mission Statement – Our brands are created by the relationships our founder has created with the help of an experienced culinary team in the food industry. We will continue to bring exceptional premium quality products to our customers and new customers.  Our forte is premium, quality and value.

Company Policies - Our company does not share our customers or new customers identity with any third-party organization. 

CS STONE BRANDS® began to form in January 2017. Sheree' Wagers is the Founder of the company. 

Relationships with manufacturers in developing our products were established by Ms. Wagers. 

Frequent questions asked by our customers and new customers:

How long does the growth process take for maturation for grapes?

What types of grapes are grown to produce premium quality balsamic vinegar's?

What types of bottles are used to bottle fine quality balsamic vinegar's?

What makes our products a premium product?

How can we sell our products at a valuable cost for our customers?

What makes our products different than our competitors in the food industry?

Do we offer organic, fresh or frozen products?