Company history.

CS STONE BRANDS® is a privately held North Carolina company. The company began to form January 2017. Our mission with many customer's, small to large businesses is the sense of connection to provide premium quality products and service.

CS STONE BRANDS®  is a wholesale, retail food product distribution company of North Carolina. May 2018, was the year CS STONE BRANDS® officially launched our own product line of Gourmet Flavored Olive Oils and Barrel Aged Balsamic Vinegar's.  June 2018, our company began working with a seasoning company and their team of culinary experts to create a product line of meat rubs that are exceptional in flavor and meet the food industry standard's.


Company Logo

The founder of CS STONE BRANDS® has an adept background in various industries of business. Her affiliations as an executive personal chef, restaurant management, legal and cosmetic industries set her apart in her experience and knowledge  within these industries.  She created relationships with food manufacturers from all over the world to produce and bring premium quality products into the market place for CS STONE BRANDS®

The founder has achieved and served on several boards and committee's within the communities she has resided in since 2011 until current. Her public service has been an accomplishment  that she has felt so strongly about throughout her life time. She is certified as a Veteran Advocate through the Department of Veteran Affairs, she has served on the Safe Nest Audit/ Financial & Fundraising Committees in Las Vegas, Nevada, The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts Speakers Bureau since 2017, New Hanover  County History/Science Museum Board and the New Hanover County Nursing Home Advisory Committee.



More products and brands exclusive to CS STONE BRANDS®. More of what customers want in a product, that is premium quality.

Our manufacturers nationally and globally insist that CS STONE BRANDS® is provided with exceptional premium quality products. 

Product of ARMANNO® olive oils and barrel aged balsamic vinegar's was named by the founder, ARMANNO®  stands for warrior of strength. We have one-hundred and seven flavors in the ARMANNO® product line. 

Coming soon is our product of meat rubs, there are five in this product category. All meat rubs work with all meats, poultry and fish. Enhance the flavor of your salads, soups and other dishes with our meat rubs.

Coming soon is our product of Alaskan Seafood direct from Kodiak, Alaska. Alaskan seafood is 100% fresh when shipped to your home, business or restaurant. 


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