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Food Service Distribution Customers

We welcome new partnerships to the CS STONE BRANDS® company. Small to large business within the food and beverage industries are welcome to join our partnership program. Become a customer of CS STONE BRANDS® food service distribution company of North Carolina. 

What Our Customers Can Expect

Restaurant kitchen, food service distribution.

Our customers can expect to have 100% pure premium quality products. Our expectations are to provide products that surpass our competitors and continuous customer service. Become a customer to an award winning food service distribution company of North Carolina. We know you will love our products and so much more.

CS STONE BRANDS® is a North Carolina food service distribution company. Our key goal at CS STONE BRANDS® is to deliver exceptional customer service. As a woman owned North Carolina company, the founder takes great pride in the way we service our customers. Servicing our customers by advising  how to decrease their cost, scheduling on-time delivery, quick responses to  service calls, you can depend on CS STONE BRANDS® to deliver on our promise to always being there for you when you need us.  

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